Monday, May 9, 2011

Five Faves: Graduation Presents

School is almost finished and with that comes graduations. Here are our five fave gift ideas for graduates.

A Business Bag
Perfect for those starting a new job after graduation as they've most likely only used backpacks for the last four years. 

Photo: Coach

Most kids make do with duffle bags and whatever their parents don't need. Why not give your graduate her own set of luggage

Photo: Tumi

No better time than the present to get a graduate thinking about the future. A gift of stock will help get him started investing. 

Photo: Microsoft

Airline Gift Cards
Treat your grad to a vacation or just a visit home. 

Photo: American Airlines

Make sure your grad who's on his own for the first time still eats well by signing him up for a food-of-the-month club. There are many to choose from: fruit, cheese, steak, even dinners.

Photo: Microsoft

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